Apologies for not linking to all these great tools... Plannning to do that soon!
Last update: July, 2018

Editor + Terminal

Terminal: Zsh in iTerm. I use the terminal all the time, for batch processing files, connecting to servers (with ssh), transferring data (rsync) or finding stuff (find and ack-grep). I wrote bash scripts to backup my computer and clients' sites.

Editor: I used vim (NeoVim) for a long time. I switched to Visual Studio Code at the beginning of 2018. I still use vim, in particular for quick edits in the terminal (config files, logs...).

I have quite a few extensions installed in VS Code, mostly syntax coloring and debug support for the languages I use. And I never want to work without Prettier and ESLint again! Emmet is also a time-saver.

I use a dark Nova color theme. I use it in iTerm, vim and VS Code. It greatly reduces eye strain. I also changed the default font to Fira Code, which is easier to read and has nice ligatures.

Desktop Apps

I rarely do design, but when I do I use Figma.

I use Markoff for previewing Markdown files directly in MacOS' Finder.

Web Development

I'm a big fan of Node.js.
On most projects I use the following tools:

I also made a few static sites using Hugo and Nunjucks.

I love React and Vue (only used the former in production), especially coming from Ruby on Rails which I briefly used to write my own time-tracking and invoicing app*. I used React to build a front-end for WordPress (“headless WordPress”) and to build Progressive Web Apps (with the amazing Create React App.
*One might argue I'm comparing apples and oranges here. Feel free to email me, it promises to be a truly fascinating conversation.